patience & waiting … hope for friends’ happiness … UPDATE – Mazel Tov!!

patience & waiting … hope for friends’ happiness … UPDATE – Mazel Tov!!

relaxing in the cool house, thankful for actions taken after months of angst. Maybe I should call the RamJack folks – really, how much could it cost to lift Hobbit House, slide it to the side yard, dig out a basement for a second bathroom, and then slide HH back on top? a few hundred? a couple of thousand?? ha ha ha

It’s been an interesting week … life has been turned up a little – perhaps broiled? Seared? Is it the heat? Perhaps it’s not the heat on the outside world, but the heat on the inside pieces, causing ripples in our senses. Starting with my sadness for the loss of Daisy for Matt & Jo-Anne – I’m so sorry guys, and my heart goes out to you two. I could tell your all’s love will take care of you, but I hate that you guys had any pain.

Ups and downs… Atlantis returned safely, the day after the anniversary of man landing on the moon. We haven’t gone back – were we that much better in the 60s & 70s? Is there something they haven’t told us (just how lucky we were to get there and back?) With the end of success, suffering visits a harbor of our ‘best and brightest’ – odd odd odd…
Friends celebrating birthdays – cheers French Alex, cheers Sir Karl, my sister’s is tomorrow!! A simple bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce, a gift of joy from strangers.

Was glad to have been pushed to write ever so little about my cool Timbuk2 backpack – except I’ve got a folder here in my browser titled ‘write’ – I stash links that I feel I could string together a few sentences to describe how I feel about something. Cool ‘Q’ laptop backpack helps me control my ‘carry everything all the time just in case’ urge. Cool HTC evo Shift runs a sweet version of Android, where wallpaper can be ‘live’ (trippy moving about) & I get to talk to my computer – just like in Star Trek!! Hell, I even listen to my mp3s like I used to listen to my Walkman during my study halls/ in school detentions. (8th grade was the first Walkman? moving away from boombox? hmmm… in NYC with Pat & Lisa & Jonathan(?), picking up a Walkman for a birthday gift, with no headphones in the box – first blush of caveat emptor!)

Probably could write about a million words on the joys of air conditioning!!

Probably need to share the challenge of having my laptop try to give up the ghost last Sunday … led to a period of disbelief on how I had a few backup plans in place, and still didn’t have access to my latest work!! Luckily I got a reprieve (who knows how long!) by following the online instructions of ‘wrapping the laptop in a tshirt and put into a backpack’ – the goal of that scary scary tactic was to ‘reflow’ the solder around the graphics processor that has issues with overheating (odd how original from the factory overheating leads to the need to essentially bake the motherboard…. and round and round…). Of course actions like that happen after the friendly tech support dude wants only $350 up front to ship me a box to ‘fix’ my laptop. Note to self – figure out your online backup plan (dropboxing a truecrypt volume kinda works – but when does the TC volume update? on dismount? If your machine kinda stops, how can you tell if the volume a- dismounted and b- finished syncing to DB? weeeeeeeee …. fret not – I also have a SpiderOak folder that may or may not be backedup and sync’d!!!)

If I come up with an answer that works for me, I’m sure I’ll share.
Also – Google+ – think it just may have changed the social media game scape – just trying to make all my online focus end up over there is all about learning how to use a new tool. Like a pneumatic nailer versus a carpenter’s hammer.

Well, I hope your late July is going well for you.
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