kinda late … or kinda early

kinda late … or kinda early

3:47am, and all is a lovely stormy morning in Durham, north Carolina
boo sleeps to my left, i hear her breathing. I hope she’s sleeping soundly, with dreams of hope and sunshine
blue is tucked in on my right – I’m a lucky guy to have this much love around me.
“hope everyone has the same thoughts and problems, and hope no one has anything like this”
insomniacs motto?
the flashes of lighting have been peeking through our drapes in the living room – I’d see the flash, then hear the rumble in the distance. here in the bedroom I can hear the chirps of the night insects along with the rain that weeps through occasionally. the different heaviness of the rain you can tell . not sure if I’ve noticed that before.
makes the quiet seem alive, the blank becomes filled with so much we don’t know, don’t notice, sleep through.
I pick up the voices of the shows I watch – Michael from burn notice filling my head with ways to breach the wall adjoining a fortified door, or Mary from in plain sight engaging the basic sides in the ongoing struggle of man versus his own nature.
they occasionally are joined by my voice – hey dad, I love you’ ‘ hey pops, how’s things?
“hey, I made you this book so you can see what your son’s become – hope I’ve made you proud…”

the nights are sometimes filed with a cacophony of the universe screaming past my solitary outpost, leaving me wondered and diminished; sometimes I ride the dark winged beast away from the human tragedy, and into the fires that burn in the hearts and dreams of man. sometimes I get kicked in the kidney by blue as she has a puppy dream, chasing a ball with her puppy friends, maybe finally getting all the treats the deserves.

I hope you get all that you deserve, and that you know you are loved .. unconditionally, and with all the joy you so rightfully deserve.
what was it S.E. wrote – stay golden, ponyboy
or at least celebrate the international day of peace that I so sadly failed to do …