does the week end? or start?

does the week end? or start?

Wait – what’s a week? A demarcation of convenience I say … but to fit in I guess I’ll keep using the Gregorian  calendar – gots to work on the Scottian calendar I think – can’t be any more far fetched than the Tranquility calendar!
So I just spent about 10 minutes at wikipedia reading up on Gregorian calendar, which is a papal bull that modifies the Julian calendar. Two things – wow I’m easily distracted. 2 – no reason not to create my own calendar – the thinking behind our current calendar (adopted in the 1500s) was that Easter, and the equinox, was changing dates and was kind of messy… odd how a faith based institution had to deal with the hard facts of science, eh?

So, how are you?
Winter seems around the corner – you ready for that?
I’ve been on the road for a while… making friends and family worry a bit. Hate doing that, but I wanted to see my sisters, spend some time upstate, and my friend matt – well, he’s generous to his friends and family, and helped me acquire his motorcycle …

the run north was occasionally challenging, but with Beth as co-pilot, I at least had a witness to the oddness of a mid-day Friday stripe painting session in West Virginia … and at the end of her time in the chev’ Malibu I was in Vermont! at a gas station owned by Hemming’s motornews! woot!
Getting in to Upstate kinda late, seeing the 1 Trinity Ave posse – yay!
Time both expands and contracts on my trips – seems I did a millions things – eatings, visits, sights and happiness; but it was just a few days…
so, let’s montage!!!


the trip back south was an adventure – long day in the saddle, too many months since I’ve done that!

so to all who worried, I’m sorry – had a blast, but don’t like making people worry.
I hope you adventures are all worthwhile, and you have lots of loving people worrying about you.