Where are the strong … and who are the trusted?

Where are the strong … and who are the trusted?

So here we are, on the other side. Sunny outside, though chilly.
No snow though, so pics like this:

won’t show up any time soon. Sad.

What’s not sad, however, is my mood. I have to say that I’m in a self-aware mood of ‘hey, this is all pretty damn good’ of which I’ve been pondering over for a few days. I ponder “when did I last feel this way at the end of the year?” – some recent years are much more obvious than others to have earned my ire. yeah 07, 08 – looking at you guys. 09 and 10 had serious issues that caused me to be done with them, but 11 – got to tell you, not perfect, but I’m sitting here listening to music (and feeling good even when it’s the Studio 60 rendition of ‘O Holy Night‘, and the plot line behind that will cause a lump) -and still feeling hopeful. Optimistic. And I’m not even on meds anymore!

Other audio that’s working it’s magic (and isn’t music magic?) on me includes “what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?”
Thanks Elvis. & Steve. & Keith. & Feist. & John. & Willy … cause played really loud I can almost see the answers to all the problems we’re facing… but they just don’t seem to make it into focus. Darn.

So as I plan the final rearrangement of my ‘office space’ for 2011, and I take the luxury of focusing inward on my memories and thoughts, I sincerely do hope that your year has been good to you and yours, and that 2012 will continue that trend. I hope that the good cheer I’m experiencing is universal, that we’re mostly mostly good, and the coming change will elevate the general, remove the focus from the people who don’t deserve it and turn it to those who’ve never sought it in the first place.

Cheers everybody.

oh – wait –