A snowy wonderland…

A snowy wonderland…

Ah, the simple joy of winter weather.
Of course, it being the south, we’ll have mid 60s come Wednesday, or so they predict.

Weekends are often when I catch up on some cinema watching… such as this weekends enjoyment which included –
The Adjustment Bureau – caught that over at the girls place.
Or finally watching the last 80% of Harry Brown after, oh I can’t recall – 6 months or so?
Watched the last 70% of The Fastest Indian after that.
Loved The Revenge of the Electric Car I guess on Friday night – focuses on some of the good stuff coming down the road…
Tonight I watched The Stone of Destiny, and currently have The Naked City rolling – the joys of black and white film.
Oh – Lillyhammer – breezed through the 8 episodes in a couple of days – kinda like the Sopranos meets Fargo, or something like that. Fun. Looking forward to the next season – go Netflix go!

Of course, I could instead be doing my ‘practices’, or my ‘homework’, but I think to call it my ‘shit I have to do to be able to get over the place I’m stuck at’ – my mindfulness work.

Over the past week I’ve read some cool things re: computers and computing and living life in the 21st century – such as this article on form factors… or this on Steve Jobs probable choices

February. Snow makes the world special…

Have I mentioned blue?

watch out for the zomby-icy apocolypsy!