Great thing about the past…

Great thing about the past…

you know where you left it.
In my case, I left a couple of weeks of my life in a party tent set up besides Grauman’s Theater in Hollywood back in ’02.
Tonight’s Oscar-fest of white males reminded me of the crazy times I’ve enjoyed.
Like this –

or the other side that’s not seen as much

In the past I’ve worked in restaurants, gas stations, churches, shuttling cars from Bremerhaven, in a tractor tailor, a furniture store, a reservations center, and finally – a circus tent?

All because we have this interest in a spectacle. And let’s just admit, with all it’s horrific sexism and racism, Hollywood knows  how to have a party! So a phone call that said ‘hey, are you free for a few weeks? Want to work the Oscars?’ led to an enjoyable stay with the AMPAS peeps… including these guys –

Now to understand the crazyness of life in the past, let’s recall that Boo was involved happily with the fabulous Open Fist Theater Company, who was having a fundraiser during my intense too many hours in the big tent –

Where much happiness and hopefully some money was raised – our friend alex was doing henna!

so, yeah, theater parties, Oscar preparations. All a week or so after moving into our new ‘group house’ …
Hill House…

where good times and bad were had…

Good times and bad. Describes a lot about the past, eh?
So, cheers Oscars – can’t believe it’s been ten years since I hung out with you for the first time.
Keep an eye on the elephants, ok?

And, amazingly, Blue was not yet in our lives then, so no blue pics. sorry.