Thanks to Greg and Andrea, the Bulls Win!!!

Thanks to Greg and Andrea, the Bulls Win!!!

Had a fun outing to the Durham Bulls game last night – yay!! Star Wars night – there were … characters, and $6 lightsabers!
Also – fireworks!!!

Boo was quite happy! Actually everyone was quite happy – so yay AJE for having fun outings for their workforce.

Did I mention Star Wars?

Anyways, things here in Durhamtown have been continuing to be awesome, even though we’re stuck in North Carolina’s Race to the Past!! Seems I’ve been able to attend to the needs of a small fry without either of us being completely unhinged, nor did I ever place a diaper on her head. Amazing, really.
Food truck rodeos in North Gate Park, springtime cookouts, The Avengers on opening week – all good.

Spent quite a bit of time in my photo collection, culling for a gift book voucher our friend Viv gave Boo and I. Looked at our coming to Durhamtown era – late ’06 through early ’08. Wow. Wow – was good to revisit all the peeps & things that have been in our lives – ended up wanting to run out to a beach house for a week or 7, though. Think it would do our souls well…

Hey – have you seem my dog? She’s AWESOME??

Hope your springtime is beginning to be happy happy…


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