springing into summer in a small world…

springing into summer in a small world…

why good saturday morning to you and yours! hope it’s all good and wonderful with you.

summer is right on top of us, about to bring her warmth to our corner of the planet, before she does I want to say ‘wow’ for the recent bout of spring time weather – soooo very very nice to be able to step out front and enjoy the shade of the tree and a light breeze.

perhaps summer used the hoots of at least 2, if not 3 owls – WOW – for a short bit swore it was just kids, but heard the rustling in our tree – soooo loud, so cool – to warn us of her approach. ‘the owls in the magnolia, by scott w.’ should be worked up toot sweet, I think.

had a smallness of the world moment this week: caught on Netflix ‘Dead Man’s Shoes‘ three nights ago – fairly dark and stormy ‘vet back from war, cleans up baddies who messed with family’ story, though fairly rote. did find the opening track totally cool – Bill Callahan “Vessel in Vain” – so I perused the soundtrack listing and found this track – M. Ward – Dead Man – which is also pretty damn good.

then, lo & behold, sitting in Morgan & Beth’s living room I look up at the picture rail in the dining room and there’s an M. Ward LP – zoot!! Never heard of the lettered performer prior, now two sittings in one week! (yes, hits and misses but this one … well, touch odd. Dead Man’s Shoes is a 2004 flick, M. Ward is on Merge records, all mixed together in my very own wow-machine!) Looking forward to hearing the new Ward album, along with the Dicken’s record! As it is, I’m listening to the wonderful warbling of The Water Callers first disc.

road realization from the other week ties in nicely… think it went like this:  ‘it’s ok if it’s just in my life, doesn’t need to be in everyone’s; live my life and enjoy’

I was pondered sharing music I love with the MickeyMatt. More specifically The Water Callers (sure it was their track Magnolia, but here’s the video to She Was the One), but also marc cogman (here – you will enjoy the video for Run Like Hell) – groups that he’s not going to run into in Clinton, just don’t see it happening. But – none the less – great music. Sure they won’t be for everyone, but really do think he’ll dig them.

what do I do? buy up extra copies and send them to him (bands-folk scream YES!!!!)? do I make a mixed cd for him to listen and enjoy (which kinda sparked this, as we rolled in the SportWagen (highly recommend!!!) to get some pizza, he spun some tunes on a mixed CD including a Bruce kid’s song!) – of course I should.

But back to that minor-epiphany – it is really ok if I’m the only one who hears the music. As long as I enjoy sincerely, perhaps share my genuine feelings with my peeps as I can, then it’s alright. Matt has some awesome tunes I won’t hear, as does Blood (who’s actually quite good at sending care packs!) … guess it’s me letting go of the urge to keep all peeps in my spheres at the same level of ‘hey, that’s cool’ … not a horrible trait to have, but not the all encompassing pursuit it occasionally is for 13 minutes.

of course as I’m writing this I’m finding tracks to use as examples, the Water Caller’s take from me 1 minute 37 seconds for a tune called ‘durhamite’ that is just such a perfect example of serendipity in the universe – I make it here to Durham, fabulous people whom I’ve met put into words the emotions of finding a new home that makes you happy, and sing it for the whole world to hear! Not so for my time in Los Angeles, sadly.



How the hell are you?
Hope you’re doing good. things have been great yet somewhat heavy recently. friends and family with their own bouts of suffering and sadness, upheavals even. others having incredibly awesome times of their lives – as it’s ever been, right david b.?

I hope that in their travels all my friends and family make it along well, finding shade and cool drink on the hot days of our summer lives, or a warm cuppa & an encompassing blanket if perchance winter is right outside your door. damn fucking zen of me, ain’t it?

how about a picture of my dog blue?

 yeah, from back in the day when we’d cage her &take her on a ‘short’ road trip to Rainbowville!

of course today you get a pic of Canela too. does she realize that she’s as important a part of our lives now, even though we miss her dearly? being taught about love is always an important and wonderful thing, no matter the pain. really do miss that pup – she had moxie!!


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