Awesome …

Awesome …

people – like my sister Blood!
places – like Sol Duc Hot Springs!
music – like Atreyu covering Faith No More’s Epic (from the Awesome Covers Vol. 1 – This Punk is Crunk!)

Pictures – like some my sis took? The whole album is over at Flickr – 2012 Olympic Peninsula Run

My evil/better twin, Blood!

And this one …

Blood’s man Bob – he’s awesome too!

And this one …

Out on the Olympic Peninsula

Of course this one:

A short Bob

is just Blood’s man Bob, leaning against the trunk of a tree. That was cut down about 100 years ago. Then buried under a lake’s waters. Turns out it has 400 rings to it’s age. Impressive?

Blood taking 5 – next to a REALLY BIG TREE TRUNK!!!

Of course, Blood pics a bigger trunk to lean against – she’s awesome!

She told me their awesome vacation story over a leisurely hour-long call the other night (her evenings = my late nights – it works out!). Her trip included being able to stroll along the lake bed and river bed where the Elwha river is being un-dammed. She had heard about the situation, and how 1 year after the first damn came down salmon had made it 25 miles upstream past their previous stopping point for the last century. She sounded excited about all the effort and work – both the research into the situation (contemporary damns have ‘fish ladders’ to help the spawning ebb and flow), the actual efforts they’ve made while trying to set up the next phases to be extra-useful – using the upper dam’s water flow to wash down the sediment that remains in the lower lake bed, stuff like that.

Oh, they also had sunny days in the Pacific Northwest – she said the moss was “dusty” – somehow I know the same feeling of ‘hey – that’s not what the postcard shows!?’, if only the complete opposite of her situation.

Yr. Obdnt Svt., Death Valley – field of flowers; 2005

Similarly awesome, yet completely different.

Ok – go click on the Flickr set, put the album on slide show, full screen, and just know that their trip included turning their camper van into a habitrail for a mouse or three, the realizations that a mere 2 hours from their abode lies wondrous views of lovely mountains – similar to the wondrous views they have typically driven 1200 miles to see; and even more happily known now is that this stop is along the way to their usual escape place, the sparkly-town on the Peninsula. Know that in their lives they certainly know how to enjoy a walk in the woods, thinking of inspired people like xxx who records ‘silence’ in places around our planet – finding sensations that Blood spoke of having while out with the Bobster as they’ve trekked about. The pics of mushrooms comes from knowing what to do with them to make a lovely compliment to the tasty fishies that Bob deftly plucked from the flowing rivers. Know that they both were (ARE!!) happy to be where they were when they were there. Good for them.
Like I lead with – awesome!
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{2:28pm + 14Sep2012 = Friday afternoon … // Nonpoint covers ‘In The Air Tonight’}