well, for one – the name is ‘Popehat’ – way cool

well, for one – the name is ‘Popehat’ – way cool

also, they’re fucking brilliant.
Just spent the past 30 minutes perusing some fine legal flavored writing, with a healthy focus on First Amendment concerns.
So, as the sun creeps up above the trees making the den warm with a sunshiny glow … plus the computer’s ‘radio’ tuned to Mystery Roach on 88.1 I …

Read about the “Heavy Burden of Black & White“:
We like black and white, we do. We don’t like shades of gray. We don’t like nuance. We don’t like tension between competing ideas. Even when we pretend to embrace complexity, we scornfully reject it when it intrudes into areas we care about.

We believe in the zero-sum game — the proposition that something is all one thing or all the other, that you can’t blame one person for a bad event without diminishing the blame of another.
But that’s not the way the world actually works.”

Read about “What Does It Take To Be A Professor At Penn And To Get An Opinion Published In USA Today?
“In short, having tweeted demands that an American be arrested for producing a movie, Anthea Butler writes a column that is mostly about her, in which she promises but utterly fails to explain why the filmmaker should be arrested.”

Read about “A Politican Who Gets It In Oregon“:
Julie Manning could have threatened, or bullied, or even just lobbied the private property owner to take down the mural. She didn’t. She’s the right kind of leader.”

Read about “Don’t Be Mean To Meat, Or We’ll Sue!
This could wind up as a very interesting First Amendment battle — as well as an opportunity to question why we should let powerful industries buy their own don’t-be-mean-to-me laws. But let’s not prejudge — it might also be a good exposition of problems with the way the media reports on scientific or technical issues. Or it could be both. Stay tuned.”

Not a bad half an hour making myself more smart.

oh – also, blue is kinda cute. again…


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