Touché, John Richards, touché

Touché, John Richards, touché

clouds sun & sea// circa jan ’10
a minute – just a brief moment – to reflect, to remember, to think of something other than RIGHT THIS NOW… followed by Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah. 7 days later, there’s still no understanding, just less public idiocy. More thoughtfulness. How about more love? ‘Cause that’s gotta help – it’s helped me and Boo.

U2 sings of the Unforgettable Fire, ‘I am coming home..’ … which I appreciate John being willing to play.

Noted that as we approached the end of the world (as we know it, but we’re doing fine) how Boo and I ended up doing what we do. Games with her brothers after figuring out her etching issue, up too late then some reading in bed – perfect cross section of my love. I watched some telly, including a Perl Jam doc, the Rocky Horror episode of Glee, went out and shot Christmas lights in the wind and rain, and then went to bed thinking. Got sad from some news, some reflection, so we cuddled. Also opened the window to hear the rain and the wind…. after all  it was just the end of the world, nothing big.

I sit here listening to music, looking at pics, trying to type a few thoughts down. Should soothe me knowing …

we lose everything in the end. It’s what we do with it all while we’re breathing that counts…

The sun and clouds battle above, brightness obscured so slightly … the winds play havoc with the chairs that sit in wait out front (oh please have a fire, please please please)… the leaves blown from our gutters swirl in chaotic circles across and around our yard. For the end of the world, it’s not too bad. Could be a lot worse.

The sun isn’t blood red. A cosmic ray from the edges of our known universe is not currently scraping off the earth’s atmosphere at the rate of 15 degrees of our circumference an hour. Yet – is it the end? What if we just stopped doing what we do, and do something new? How many hours does it take to change your life?
3? 1? Not even an hour if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time; never, if you’re in the right place at the right time?

Hmmm… is it possible that we prepare everyday for the end, as going to sleep could be the substitute for planet shattering seismic occurrences as we drill straight to hell in the name of our oil addiction?

Hmmm… the clouds seem to be winning. sigh.

“I’m gonna make it through this year // if it kills me”

Yes John (1 & 2), oh yes … singing AND dancing.

now we act.


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