quiet settles in beneath a thunderous sky

quiet settles in beneath a thunderous sky

stormy weather…

kinda in the middle of the blotch is where I am relaxing

but thankfully, just outside.
I see flashes of lightening behind the living room windows flanking the fireplace. I opened the window so I hear rain drops on the metal awning and the thunder that accompanies the light show. Hali is curled up in her chair here in the living room with me, Boo rests in the bedroom where I opened the window for her enjoyment.

there’s something about a summer storm… something wonderful.

the juxtaposition of strong and gentle, perhaps.

Wonder what it must be like out at Hanging Rock State Park tonight? If the campers were able to hang out near the falls, listen to the water roar and watch the fireworks from the comfort and safety of one of the shelters? Was thinking earlier as I walked about taking pics of the storm clouds as they arrived in the 27704 how the cliche of ‘if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail’ can be transposed onto photography. I sit here wondering what magical set up I’d have to construct on the roof to capture the lightning … but think about if I’d enjoy the storm or be anxious about getting a great shot.

A June day, time to take a nap

Halitron certainly knows how to enjoy a sunny day. Maybe that’s how she’s able to trans-locate the joyous rays of the fusion reaction 1 AU away from here and spread them to me and to boo and to the people she’s enjoyed meeting and licking. She’s still not a big fan of settling down with us for an overnight nap-a-thon, yet she’s committed to the donuting in the living room, so … I have hope.

She definitely knows how to make Boo and I smile and feel good – even if she just may need a bath. Or thee. And a mint. Or ten.

An EFF for my MBA!

Hey – you know what I haven’t really written up yet? Snowden. I really should get into it. The revelation that he took a position to gain access to additional documents had me scratching my head – but in the long run I believe he’ll be instrumental in changing the course of our country for the better.

Hope you’re not on the run from an angry government. Hope your summer storms are enjoyable.

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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