1081 posts, 74 drafts, a previous source of me
there’s a number in all this ::s::

I just took note as Blogger ate up an export from my ‘other’ blog site – TTocsland’s “Words Here” site – pulled them in nice after I proved I wasn’t a robot.

Of course, I need to find the balance of either having two blogs here at MT90, or to stuff ‘Words Here’ under considerations. Perhaps as the bedrock. But I wonder – ponder – consider – if what I want to blog is for the enlightenment of all as to who I have become, who I want to become, where I’ve been. Or is it merely the notations of someone who’s watching, and is getting concerned, as our lives melt into the vast sea of digital civilization. I really can go either way, but a comment made by someone who makes me laugh out loud pointed me to the path of actually making posts on the regular.

So do I go boldly, but still have the past close by, under my arm just like Hali?

Hali ponders things over there
this is not Hali under my arm. those shots tend to be very very dimly lit, sadly. cute, though.

Or do I integrate all that is me into one place, one site, one reference point? I’m pretty sure that’s really what I want.


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