Snow isn’t Odd in January… it is a sign of hope

Snow isn’t Odd in January… it is a sign of hope

La Poste of La Lapine a la Alex … ~dec ’15 [postcard (c) Atelier Robert Dosinewu 1995]

Of snow flurries on a day too warm for the magic to stick around for long.
Of the Eiffel Tower & a bunny, sent by a wonderful friend whose note warmed my heart, my soul, as is normal when I recall the wonderful people in the world, and how lucky I am to know them.

Of a week where I didn’t write as often as I wanted, thanks ‘holiday crud’ as this low grade blech is now called. Weeee… Not that fun and photos and thoughts and worries haven’t taken up some of my time. Now that would be a different Holiday

Did I mention we did ‘adult like’ house maintenance, and really, Boo gets all the credit for actioning on this situation. I was definitely in the wait and worry camp.

Under the house, under the gun…

Boo gets ready to snake …

It’s a wonderful thing to take on a problem, a challenge, and be successful. I truly am afraid most of the times, an issue I suspect I need to chat with my Boy Doctor about, but… perhaps just cautious, eh?

After a fabulous beginning to the weekend two back – a 12 hour Intergalactic Bowie Day celebration, the world showed up for the shock of the following Sun/Mon … man that sucked.

Good sir Bowie returned to the stars, and Hans Gruber will never fall again. Sad things at the beginning of year we hoped would be strikingly positive. Perhaps a note to make us notice – love those close by, let those you love who are far away know. Perhaps it’s time for a few postcards, eh?

“Modern Love” plays as I ponder how to say ‘hi’ and ‘how you doing?’ in a manner that imparts that I actually care a lot about you, about how you’re doing, how you’re coping. No one I know won the big prize, yet we all woke up the next day, so there’s that.

Close amigos had to deal with the next chapter in the pursuit of bullying free parenting – quite a challenge frankly. It’s awful to see my friends suffering, but there seems to be glimpses of light in the dark cloud, with arrangements being enforced that will allow objective reports of ‘yeah, wow – totally fucked up. No, really.’ to be submitted for official review. Hope. Perhaps, even, that at the end of this all, those who’ve bullied their way through life will know what it feels like to have true judgement laid upon them,

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