“We need to recognize that the actual risk is much lower than we fear”

“We need to recognize that the actual risk is much lower than we fear”

frosty march ribbons – 3/17 @ HH, durhamtown

Seems I have had a bit of a problem getting words out this year. But really, is that any different than any other year? ::le sigh::

It certainly has been kind of a wild ride – between external forces and internal joys and external worries and internal worries and … well, yeah.

What’s that? joys & worries you ask? Well, there’s this …

new adventures await – thanks Roz! – 3/17 in durhamtown

Yeah – joys and worries. But of course, the world does not stop spinning, and we all adapt the best we can. Some of us turn to drugs …

hali is just fine, thank you very much – 3/17 @ HH durhamtown

… she’s normally a spastic ‘I’m out of here!!!’ car passenger. Yesterday, she waited while I opened the door, then just kinda flopped right there. For 5 minutes. Even when Boo came out and sat with her to encourage her to exit. Just … so very very high. But much better now.

So very very high, but much better now – 2017’s motto, perhaps.

Ok – going to throw this up to the internet, essentially hoping that everything below this line is well written, or at least written in English. Or a language based on English hopefully. Le Sigh…
(oh, nice, as I wrap this up John D does a station ID for keXp, and we get ‘Dance Music’ to publish by. yay!!)


(3/1/2017) – Wrote some notes on Jan 20th … let’s see how they’ve settled, shall we?
read this on Schnier’s email newsletter, in response to the PreCheck TSA … um, process?
“We need to recognize that the actual risk is much lower than we fear”
… and it binged in my head that this point is clear, but in the Trump admin it seems that the actual risk is there, huge, and real – EPA run by big energy, Health by a vaccine denier, AG who hates the gays – these are REAL threats.

the moive plot of terrorists or snakes on a plane just isn’t ‘real’ – it’s actualy, but as Bruce states it’s lower than we fear.


So since we don’t have PreCheck for our lobbyist bought congress critters what can we do?
Since we don’t have Behaviorally trained sentries during Senate votes, what can we do?

Resist and fight for the future you want, the future you need for your happiness.
It’s not going to be easy.
First we follow the money, first we make it annoying to be the people in power.

10:33 1.20.17 – Lean on Me
Bill Withers
Bill Withers’ Greatest Hits

Forward or Backwards?
– in NC, a motorcycle safety bill directly impacted my life – as my wife HAD to have an ultrasound before an abortion. As in the Governor decided that my wife’s bodily autonomy wasn’t important, but… wasn’t so proud of his actions as to make the bill a ‘your body isn’t your own’ bill. Forward or backward?
– in NC, we passed a constitutional amendment to define how love should be allowed – one man, one woman. Because there’s all the proof in the world that that setup leads to pure happiness… oh, by the way, don’t the rights apply to all the people in our land? Hmmm… Forward or backward?
– in NC we passed a law criminalizing going to the bathroom – think about that. Not molestation – already illegal; not assault – already illegal – specifically going to the bathroom is now illegal. Forward or backward?

Either you want the world to be a better place or you don’t. It’s really that simple – if you’re not helping to go forward, then you are part of the problem. If you’re actively holding us back, you’re my enemy. sW/1.20.19


love always win … just don’t know which way to turn …

the fight is worth it – for the people in my life.
12:23p 1.20.17