on a day for celebration & reflection

on a day for celebration & reflection

Boo holds her anxiousness and concern close, sadly.
I consider what it means – what is does, what it should, what it can mean.
“relentless responsibility” she notes.

for you to stand tall I work on a foundation for you – jun ’18 @ HobbitHouse

I think of those who probably have tips and consul that would help – MickeyMatt, Declan, Marty(x2), Team Loggie Dads – but it seems less than authentic to ask others for a seed of what will become mine. Still foolish after all these years, eh?

/John’s discussing origin stories of salvation through music & community (tribes)/

Dean, Walt, Robert – I suspect they could offer sage answers that would apply, if only …

of Wallace men, of times long ago – ~1996, MoVil, MD

10:17pm – well, let’s see. a good amount of celebration, some reflection.
the utter and complete lack of energy/motivation/reserve is kinda freaking me out. Yet I have hope.

I’m looking at myself, my dad, his two other sons. how many lifetimes ago was that? I can’t tell ya… and somehow the universe allowed me to traverse a path were I also get to look back 12 months, to when I added the most defined and authentic life to my collection – father.

in my arms, eyes wide open, my son. whoaa. Jun ’17, Hobbit house

today he and I played ‘jab and push Dad’s face away as he sings and rocks me; then I’ll giggle uncontrollably’ – it was a fun game. I’m astonished at how things have progressed in 12 months – he walks, he kinda talks, he listens and responds… just amazing.

a toast – to our good lives! /scott & rumbly/ Jun ’18, at hobbit house

kids. parents. moms. dads. what a world we live in, eh?

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

//12:07p+17Jun2018= Sunday afternoon || Nick interviews John on Paternal podcast//