oddly in July everything is precious and nothing is precious

oddly in July everything is precious and nothing is precious

a helping hand can make a chore more enjoyable – Jul ’18, hobbit house

Preciousness. oh, the years hours days I’ve spent worrying about everything.

How my child is going to destroy the kindness offering of our friends children’s luggage. 
I hope they only gave us something that is not the most precious gift, and can be easily replaced.
But isn’t the concept that I think somebody else’s possessions are the most precious leads me to mis-value and judge incorrectly the value of kindnesses, friends, possessions, and a suitcase with a monkey on it.

monkey case, Rumbly likes the rollie wheels! – Jul ’18, hobbit house

I notice as the days slide along that I have these peaks and valleys of interest, apathy, energy, action. don’t we all? But today, in the midst of hectic pursuits, the boy helps out, then focuses – he can’t tell me if he thinks this is precious – hell, I think I’d have a hard time describing an accurate meaning (one rings?) – but he is interested, and focused, and happy. so happy. with a wheel that spins.

the hit that my heart / soul takes when I stop and catch the momentousness of my life – the little things are so incredibly precious, and the material objects, the conspicuous consumption trophies – they are truly just clutter. I like looking at the kiddo when the sun in in the room, his eyes a lovely shade of blue.

I find the patterns soothing, be it bright sky or stormy night – Jul ’18, durhamtown

this may be a short post –
I haven’t written a sign saying register to vote before Oct 1st.
Check your registration today

it is an imperfect life I lead, and as soon as I truly know that that is a fine way to live I should be feeling a bit better, a bit less under the mountain of things I want to do, thinks I have to do, thanks that haven’t happened … yet.

a downtown changes – transforms? – into something it wasn’t. – Jul ’18, durhamtown

Take kind care of yourself, of those in your life, in the world you exist in. Perhaps in a day or 5 I can speak to the truth and un-truth of ‘you are not alone’ – but that would take some focus. We shall see, eh?


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