even in August, quiet nights fly by so quickly

even in August, quiet nights fly by so quickly

other-worldly coloration, but it looks sooooo soft – Aug ’18, durhamtown

‘write every day. give a speech, make a podcast every week’ – hmmm… well that’s a good idea, eh?

bright beautiful western light, a play room with the best toy ever – a cardboard box! – aug ’18, hobbit house

I have ideas. Have always had ideas – remember the converted semi that would go from town to town in rural Kentuky and – with some kinda magic – allow the kids to a) hear music from all over, and b) make a personalized compact disc!!! I blame UTK’s left of the dial station with introducing me to social d & hank rollins – and my sensible heart worried that there were people unable to have the awakening I had. things must be done! … sigh.

It is quite depressing, however, to pull my head out of the clouds, attack my daydreaming habits, and face the cruel reality that my choices haven’t placed me where I need to be.
I’m faced with what should be a terrifying cliff, a fall into the abyss, and all I seem capable of acting upon is my blather, my perusal of all the world has to show – not action, not planning to act, mere acknowledgement that there’s a problem. and I continue on my merry way.
I fear there might be a problem with that instinctual maneuvering. Wish me luck.

sometimes I think I have a skill / ability with taking photographs – most of the time I don’t – hobbit house, jul ’12

As the nights fly by, as I drag my attention from all those moments behind me, try to see what it is that I want to build – what I want from the future, I have pangs of hope.

I can build on that. 
‘write once a day. speak once a week’ – ok. One down, one to go.
Here’s to a marvelous future.

//11:43p + 16Aug2018= thursday eve || of gardening hopes and dream, fueled by .white .hats, and the resonating echoes of an angel returned to heaven//