Into the 10th, eyes open

Into the 10th, eyes open

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I’ve been watching a YouTube channel by Lockpick Lawyer. Perhaps you can guess what the videos are about.

What I like about the videos so far are that a) he’s calm and collected as he describes what he’s doing, and b) he’s reminding me that “hacking” comes in many many flavors.

Do you know what gallium will do to unprotected aluminum? It’s frankly astounding. My mind raced to the potential applications of this method, fearfully. Then I realized that yes – those two substances have a specific reaction. That I was watching it on the interweb meant, however, that it was not an unknown concern. Probably something those who craft things – important things – out of aluminum know about and make arrangements for.

In a time where there is an awful lot of yelling it’s nice to find and appreciate calm discourse. The inter-linking is probably the one saving grace of the web – I get to hear the wisdom of a Naval officer, an author, a musician, a parenting expert, a DJ full of heart – all from the comfort of the shitter, at times.

Oh the places you will go, as a certain Doctor once noted.

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