After midnight…

After midnight…

June 24th, 2001
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Current Music:Crazy Train – covered by Collective Soul
24Jun01 + 12:46am PDT (oh, not the post-midnight creative flow thing again…)

Ah yes. It’s after midnight. I’m listening to Collective Soul cover Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” – Nice.
I haven’t heard from Melissa today – but I heard from her yesterday – “My ass hurts” was here heartfelt feeling towards day one – 60 miles, and day two – 80+ miles.

On saturday, from what I’ve read at this web site, there was another 100 or so miles, with hills.

Hmmm. For some reason I suspect that Melissa will certainly be looking forward to a day or two of just hanging out at the pool. If you got my last T.A.W.S(&a!) missive, I was pushing her charity. I know it’s a good thing to support. Who knows, I hear there’s a West Coast AIDSRide in 2002. 7 days. San Fran to LA. Hmmm….

Other items of interest:

The beginning of summer. I spent it trying to find a part of the beach I could burn a candle. fog came in, I escaped. Burned candles at home.
What’s up with Cute Girls in VolksWagens? I’d like to know.
Things to do this summer
Alicia’s show has closed – long live the show
Scott pursues employment – still!
chandra – you are the greatest! The Sopranos rock!

– how odd. I had the briefest moment of utter focus and determination: I was going to get some photo groups up and on-line (sledding over the holidays with Blood and the group); Get all the examples of T.A.W.S. up and click-to-able; poor my heart out over the recent events of my friend Melissa doing what she can, my friend Adam visiting and showing me some life, and some comments about family and how The Sopranos is the greatest tv show in history.

But the energy faded, and now I just feel a bit lost. Hmmm.
and who reads this drivel anyways? It’s all for me, right? HA!

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