an MC Hammer ref?? uh, ok.

an MC Hammer ref?? uh, ok.

June 28th, 2001
Current Mood: amigo’d
28Jun01 + 8:37pm PDT “2 LEGIT – 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT – BREAK IT DOWN – IT’S HAMMER TIME!!!”

So. May the gods of DMV torture sleep well tonight. I spent yesterday having the thrilling experience of making my Amigo all nice and legal. Boy is Alicia happier. Wow, is the checking account crying.
But as depicted on the into picture – I’m no longer “LYK4SUR” – which I frankly was getting a bit worried about. Really – do I look like a Valley Girl? Not to mention the whole attitude and wardrobe that goes along with THAT label.

So now I’m “4SKX313” – all nice and taken care of until June, 2002. Whoo-wee!

What new and exciting things are going on in YOUR life? Are you like my friend, Kimmy, having played “tag” with an automobile while saving injured animals? I hope not – Kim, take care of yourself, ok? Are you like my friend Matt, and his wonderful wife Billie, having just spent a “vacation” near home, riding all over god’s green country? If you are, I hope you had as much fun as they did! Perhaps you, just like my alicia, have finished stage managing a production of Casanova; having received great reviews, you’re now “escaping” through the addictive game “EverQuest“. Enjoy and give her a “buff” if you see her (on Ogre Island, in Timorous Deep). Are you taking your mother to Paris and London, like Susie is right this second? Bon voyage and pass the Guinness, then. What if you happen to have just completed a multi-day, hundreds of miles long bicycle ride like mi amiga Melissa?

Well then – I’ll try to help you sell your bike. Just remember, as you relax on the floating chaise lounge in the kiddie pool this weekend, a cool and refreshing beverage in one hand, an extra big helping of yummy chocolate pudding with whipped topping in the other –

What’s that you say? You’re visiting TTocsland to find out what Scott’s doing? Ha!! That’s rich. No, really.

Ok – I spent today driving a scanner at Kaiser Permenente – I can truly say I do not need to see anymore pictures of old people playing (and seemingly enjoying) golf. 63 pictures in one day is enough, thank you very much. Honest. (Secretly, I kinda dig these gigs – good money for monkey business is how I look at it. I go back for a follow up tomorrow – Yippe – now I can afford to put gas in my all legal Amigo!!) While I’m not busy being un-stimulated intellectually at work, I fret over how my interview for an editorial assistant position with emap usa’s Truck Group went. I hope I left a good impression, and that this just might be what I’ve been waiting for. If not, there’s always becoming a Literary Critic for the International Mime Consortium! (not to be confused with the S/MIME Consortium!) Or Web Page production, eh? Or waiting for Vicki to go on vacation so I can fill in for her at Amgen! Yippee – as always, life is full of opportunities. You’ve just got to be in the mood to find them.

Ok, I think this is pretty good. Oh hey – did anyone happen to see this page in the last few days of visiting TTocsland? Susie had suggested that I put up a portfolio “site” devoted to something that I was passionate about. Well, being artistically challenged (every time I start to futz with a potential for a site, I grow frustrated because I lack a clear, comprehensive vision) doesn’t mean I can’t have a bit of fun. So hence the return of the splash page, and the selection of that particular pic. So there you go.

Take care of yourselves, be good to each other, and drop me a line. Or better yet – SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

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