cool techno band ref!!! weeeee…

cool techno band ref!!! weeeee…

July 1st, 2001
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At 5:30pm Eastern time, Zachary was baptized. God bless, God speed. and welcome. You’re in good hands, and I hope your life is filled with as much happiness as you’ve brought to those around you. I’m sure you will have a wonderful life, and it will be filled with great people, great experiences, and lots and lots of fun. Again, welcome zach. Enjoy.

We’d also be celebrating Canada Day today – I had some ham – how about you?

I watched “Girl, Interrupted” the other night. Wow. A really great movie – great acting and a compelling story. It did get me wondering as to what the hell was going on in America during the Vietnam War. As in, who the hell thought the lottery/draft system was a GOOD thing? Since I doubt anyone can name names as to who actually DID think it was good, then why wasn’t the public’s opinion respected as being against the war, thus forcing the powers that be into selecting the draft system. Ugh!!!

I suffer from this delusion that we are actually a country governed “by, of, and for the people” – guess I haven’t figured out that, while true to an extenet, please notice the lack of the word “all” when describing which group of people run this country. Hmmmm…

now for a tacky segue – people who need to be brought to light when pondering bad political decisions. Such as the draft system above, I really want to know who the people who said “yes – let us do that” are – where are they now, how evil are they really, or were they just overwhelmed by their positions. Did they do it out of malice? was there a different agenda they were pushing forward? Such as our small “problem” here in California with electricity. Uh – ok. Deregulation was passed as an act of legislature – ergo, the will of the people right? But how come the will of the people ends up costing the state billions of dollars to bailout a private, corporate entity? Anyone from the respective boards of the corporate parents want to answer the question “why did you let a subsidy get so financially out of whack? Did you plan on letting the state bail you out from anytime earlier than what the media found out? Please – someone answer “what happened?”. Of course there’s also the people who started this – telling the ignorant masses that “competition is better, lower rates for consumers” – ok – that’s what you said to get us to vote “sure” – so where are they now (working for the energy companies? perhaps, rabbi, perhapst), and where are the lower rates they promised us?

forgive me for being so naive – I sincerely believe that when politicians speak, that you can hold them to their words. You certainly can’t hold them to the “letter of the law” since it’s not actually a readable form of communication – more like the Navajo code speakers of WWII, I’d hazard.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha

Hey – a big shout out to Kimmy Humphreys – thanks to her painful personal sacrifice, there’s a bird out there getting to fly around beautiful Upstate New York – over the hills and through the valleys. Fly high and proud little birdie. Heal quickly kimmy.

wow. how weird.
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