Goodbye, CNN.

Goodbye, CNN.

December 16th, 2004
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Re: “Birth control study flawed, new analysis finds”

Due to your ‘editorial slant’ in choosing that headline to post, you’ve now lost me as a viewer.

What were you thinking? Fifth link on the homepage says ‘flawed’? Wouldn’t the correct analysis be that the conclusions were wrong? Thus, someone would click through to see what the conclusions were that were wrong, and then you could share that there were flaws in the study. But that’s not really what you wanted people to see – what people will see is that birth control pills are flawed.

Well, I’m outta here – for good. My mom, my family, my friends will hear my point of concern about how you twist the facts to make a biased headline – which isn’t really new, but causes great sadness since there was a time when I respected CNN – we relied on it to know what was happening in the world – because we were in charge of responding to what was happening. Mission critical it was called. Now you’re just a tool, to manipulate your readers. Washington Post doesn’t have this ‘story’ on their homepage, nor does Google news. Shall I see what BBC.com says about it? I’d say good luck in your future of fictional news, but I don’t really care, nor will I ever find out if you change.