My mom’s great…

My mom’s great…

December 19th, 2004
Current Mood:content
she sent a nice email today saying how she managed to overcome the challenge of downloading and installing some anti-virus software. though I’m often harsh with her over the phone, finding myself trying to use a analogy of a mixing bowl with brownie mix, and how it needs to be cleaned out before making another batch of brownies, similar to uninstalling one version of the anti-virus software before installing a new version… she’s pretty amazing. She sent me an email!!! She’s finally using Publisher to do her group’s newsletter, after using MS Word to layout the newsletter for 5 years. She’s installing anti-virus software – I’m almost certain that she didn’t need to do that with her typewriter all those years ago, though replacing ribbons were a pain, I’m sure.

So really, I need to pause and go ‘Wow’ – my mom’s pretty damn savy for a woman of her years. cool!!!