Back Lit Palms… hi-contrast

Back Lit Palms… hi-contrast

February 10th, 2004
So. surpirsed? yeah, thought you would be. But you see, I need to write. I need to have the thoughts and Ideas I possess in my brain-box come out. I need to express myself. E-X-P-R-E-S-S myself! or some such nonsense…

too long between posts, while I DO jot down random thoughts and plans and ideas. such as this from earlier today::
9:51pm + 9Feb04 = Monday night.

Hallelujah, here she comes – by U2.
last mp3 I downloaded in 2001.

bad religion’s give you nothing was the first of 2002.
::see, I’m trying to consolidate all my mp3s onto the Nomad Zen I picked up. the idea I’m running after is to have on the Zen my music in folders based on the date I downloaded them. Simple. So, I had to move my tunes from my external hard drive onto my laptop, sort them via date into folders, and then I’ll push them to the Zen. yay…

wow – like thirteen different idea’s just popped into my head – a comment on the joys of personal music when you want it, then something about the U2 video rolling on the tv as I type this – and a big shout out to mi amiga Melissa -who I’m hoping is having a decent enough time as she does the whole housing thing, but fear she is not…

But you don’t really want to hear all that, do ya? Maybe – just maybe – I don’t care much about other people’s wants and needs. Time for scott to take care of scott, don’t you think? push myself. get myself into the output mode, enough of the ‘input’ or put up mode I tend to fall into. When i jotted a few words of truth in a card for my girl, well – I did that cause it’s what I wanted to do. to make her smile.

So here are some of my words. I’m gonna try and do this everyday. wish me luck.


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  1. Scott posting…

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    Isn't it … I think … yeah, it is. It's on the list, right here. Scott posting is in fact one of the seven signs of the coming of the apocalypse. Right after rivers of blood. 😉
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