well, nearly 10:30!

well, nearly 10:30!

September 18th, 2004
Current Music:Durham Rocks!
Boo ran to the Fist to do a parking lot sale at 6 am this morning. 6 am. That was cute.

Spoke with JD this morning – seems to be enjoying his higher education pursuit which makes me happy. He’s even found that driving isn’t all that bad.

Listening to a compilation disc Melissa sent me – good tunes, pretty diverse, so I’m on my second round of ‘shuffle’ just giving my ears time to soak in the music. I’ll pimp any of the bands/tracks that make me especially happy. Melissa is contemplating a pizza joint in the Durham area, so lets think positive thoughts and possibly ponder new and exciting pizza types never before seen by man!! Like Pumpkin Pizza!!!

and here we are – scott’s wordsmithing skills are getting some kind of workout – we just won’t say that it’s an Olympic training regimen, that’s all.

Peace – register to vote – then do it!