Ah, the complexity of life…

Ah, the complexity of life…

February 15th, 2005
Current Mood: numb
where change is constant, and growth opportunities abound.
Like going to school after a brief 7 year break, and finding it’s quite enjoyable.

Or hanging out with a friend in her time of need.

Or just heading home to rest after a full day.

Where you get confused. You’re sure your Amigo looked like this:

TK http://www.ttocsland.com/2K4/7pm12th.jpg

But oddly, it now looks like this:

TK http://www.ttocsland.com/2K4/1am15th.jpg

Ah, life.
Calm blue ocean, was it?



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  1. schmecky
    2005-02-15 01:16 pm (local) Select:
    OH MY GOD!

    Can someone PLEASE cancel Valentine's Day? It's just a bad ju-ju magnet!

    I'm so sorry!
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    2005-02-15 04:45 pm (local) Select:
    Oh fuck.

    I'm sorry.
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    2005-02-15 08:22 pm (local) Select:
    Lovely customization job you've done, there. Was that an eight- or a ten-pound sledge?


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