May 4th, 2005
Current Mood: good
Current Music:something lite and classical in terminal B of Pittsburgh Int
It’s a funny thing, travel. You move thru time and space, but it’s still you. Except when you react to the new locale, or the new time (1986, for Upstate NY!)

Sitting in Pittsburgh Int’l Airport, surfing their wifi for free… trying to do the project work, but not having any real input. A tinge of agony, or anxiety – stressed, I was asked this morning – oh, yeah. A bit.

Visiting with family was good – better than I can recall recently in my trips. Got to hang with Matt and the family Humphreys too – that was cool. Blood is always a fine person to spend some time, and quite frankly I’m stunned by JD’s emergance into adulthood – rock on, dude. Rock on! (www.9poundchihuahua.com coming soon!)

Well, just some thoughts as I spend time in a place that isn’t all that convincing that it exists outside the collective observation of the rest of us flying cattle.