Scribbled on the keyboard of a laptop…

Scribbled on the keyboard of a laptop…

May 6th, 2005
Current Music:”Just Another Victim” by Helmet / House of Pain
As I winged across the country on Wednesday… 7:02:46 PM, May 04
snow tipped peaks – just two off to the right of the plane…
start of colorado? a ridge line peaked in snow – no camera – battery gone

no idea how far south – but it’s two mtn peaks in one direction, t’ing into the small range perpendicular to it… oh wow – the mountains are cool
the range is the peaks – perhaps the great divide?

perhaps just the high peaks? hmmm….

um, ok 10:14 we hit more snow – lots of snow and clouds… so is this utah?

10 23 – city lights below… few and far between – death valley? grand canyon? don’t know…
From here in the den a few minutes ago, boo says:
“i’m so excited, i’m contemplating throwing up!” Feeling whacked out over the imminent arrival of … alyssa
alyssa kelly bollin? last name we’re not sure of
Marji and Wess – we should figure these things out.

and I’m outta here!