Sunday mornings with friends…

Sunday mornings with friends…

May 8th, 2005
Current Mood:tired
Current Music:chirping birds outside the window
stunned, I am, at how quickly a week has passed. But 7 days ago I was enjoying the Heart Stoppingly Good(r) cooking of Matt’s ‘Homemade Grits’ along with Amy’s perfectly made bacon. Ah, to be in upstate now that spring has come…

And then there’s a blur of days and activities and flying and dealing with the whole ‘work’ thing – which was a lot of hurry up and wait… Mick even had to swing by the house yesterday and try to deal with last minute fires. Oh the joy, really.

The pups seem happy to have me back, and Boo is on a bit o’ the roller coaster of life, dealing with my return, the arrival of Alyssa, and life in general. Good to be back, just a bit tired from the trip, that’s all.

So there ya go.

Off to see if there’s hope for the D-man; I suspect there is.