Tomorrow arrives…

Tomorrow arrives…

June 23rd, 2005
Current Mood:mellow
Current Music:the hum of the fan, trying to cool
my girl is flying, on a jet plane, don’t know when she’ll be back again…
babe, I miss you so….

well. ok. she’ll be back next Tuesday, same bat channel, same bat airport! We’ll maybe even enjoy some efalent food too!

my leg’s not happy, and tomorrow I’ll try to make it better.

it’s kinda crazy – the feeling that she’s sleeping or watching DTV at 35,000 feet over Colorado… and I’m thinking of her, how she’s all twidderpated over separation. I see the sad, but I see the happy – stretching the independent wings – making sure I can cook and clean and juggle for me – yes I can!!! and then she’ll float back into my routine, and perhaps we’ll make it to the doggie park/beach more often – say once a month, nothing crazy.

but I’ll miss her when there’s no one to snuggle, and no one to pester, and no one to gaze at and love.



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