July 29th, 2005
Current Mood:hopeful
Current Music:”people who grinned themselves to death” by The Housemartins
I don’t think so. But I have been perusing a blog from a guy from where I grew up which is making me think – hey, this is all about me. It’s not all about you – the reader. Interesting thoughts – that means I have to be happy with what I write. That’s all.

Had a bit of wordage done regarding a lamp I have from a few lifetimes ago, and it’s intersection with a peanuts strip from a few weeks ago. The lamp depicts Snoopy at a typewriter. Can’t recall if I picked that up at a second-hand store, or just a clearance store, though it definitely was in Maryland, so I have that bit o’ recall still. I remember having it as a reminder to write – something I have wanted to do for many many years.

the peanuts strip is a sunday one, with Snoopy, at the end, declaring “Good writing is hard work!” – truer words have never been spoken.

Good writing. “It was a dark and stormy night” – that’s Snoopy’s contribution. I’ve made a few myself.Something I tend to forget.

But back to this blog thing- it suffers from my perpetual cycle of enthusiastic care and tending, then a precipitous drop as I distract myself with self-doubt and too much TiVo… I have ideas. Lots of ideas. One idea was to make a list of the ideas I have, that way I’d always have something to write about. Hah… that, sadly, would take too much time to organize – sometimes I feel that I’ve spent a good deal of my life organizing my life so I’m organized – to what end? so I can find gas bills from three states ago – truly, what do I gain from that?

I’ve mentioned the impending return to two-wheeling – I’ll but the guy after this jaunt of jotting – I fear I’m hinging a good deal of happiness and productivity to the return to mobility. Foolish? I fear. But at least it’s a distinct and real difference that will be applied over the life I’m living now.

And so, I choose a mood, push play on the other machine’s MMJB, and continue…

I guess I feel there’s little benefit to discussing the exact past. Such as:
“people who grinned themselves to death” by The Housemartins, first heard … who cares? Really? I personally have a love for the impact that music/songs have had in my life – probably ’cause I need to focus more on the changes that actually happened…
How about ‘Ripple’, covered by Jane’s Addiction – circa 1991 – from a Thankful Dead tribute album – I was in store #273, lost, and cranking the tunes quite loudly.

The point of this remembrance? To prove I existed elsewhere? damn…

I was typing about the Housemartins – and it came flooding back just how lame my existence was at that time. Certainly I impressed folks, and to their credit I wasn’t shunted to a corner as a leper, but wow – I was gonna explain that the guy who had the album playing (which sent me off in a spiral of how he could have at work, cause we couldn’t at work… getting lost in the finer details of images/memories that may or may not be accurate) – he was a club kid, he had the great parities off base, etc. – and I’d attended, but not really partake – though I guess at that time my attendance was how I partook. Ugh… see – I get to this point and really REALLY wonder why the hell I’m writing this shit. I guess partly to remind myself to partake, and partly to jot down what fading details I do recall. Sucks getting old! Though I feel much less stressed about being wrong or making shit up!

So, where was I? Good writing. Good performance. Good grief.

Well. From the top – it’s all about me, right?
I have to be happy with it. It’s not the great American novel. It’s my … journaling. Which is different from my … writing? no. Hell.

Let’s spell check and then push, cause once you do that it’s all good.