Current Music:”Love you till the End” by The Pogues
my feelings flow through my veins, pumped out of my heart, pushing the tears past my eyes… a somber, sober realization that love is truly what it is all about – and everything – EVERYTHING ELSE – is just so much rubbish.

what a glorious life it would be to live motivated by love

love you til the end.
Boo has my heart and my hope, and I believe that’s where things are the most precarious. my hope. the dreariness of the day to day rut should, by all means, scare me to death. I ponder what I’ve done over the last {fill in any amount of time you’d like} – it’s been not much, and sorely not enough. But… there’s always a but – but I feel like it’s the most important thing in my life to do right, to make her smile, to help her see that there is so much waiting for her. In that effort I miss my chance to see clearly the amount that is waiting for me, too., remember?

“I love you til the end”… forget where this little ditty was played in which movie – but it nails the sentiment. It fills me with the blinding light of hope, where there is nothing – NOTHING – to worry about, nothing that will stop us.

but the crappy truth is that everything seems out to stop us, and that’s pathetic. the crap which infests and infiltrates the lives we slog through – why? Why Boo?

Well, tis our own choices that place us where we are – Adam had a great point in that we do exactly what we want. I’ve got to start doing something about the choices I’ve settled for… and to get going.

dona nobis pacem

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