January ends…

January ends…

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with a mix of emotions.

Didn’t find out til this morning, but let’s give a big ol’ LJ welcome to Marty and Kate’s wunderkid, Roan!!! Whoohooo!!!!
Apparently childbirth is one way of skipping the State of DisUnion speech.

Boo decided to leave work as usual, and then ran into a protest march blocking her way home!!!

I made the mistake of helping Boo out with her addiction, where I had someone (perhaps – not exactly believing that they’re all real people) ponder ‘what are they protesting?’ – seemed like a serious question, and it hurt my brain.

I see that the K is up north – hope he enjoys the Bay area – I’ve always enjoyed…

And now it’s February. Wow – how much further behind can I fall? Well, off to SCACO tonight, which always brings a smile to my face.

Let’s make this month special, ok?


dona nobis pacem