Visitation Fall 05 – Day 1

Visitation Fall 05 – Day 1

August 17th, 2005
Current Music:Cat Stevens – Wild World
wow – what is it about being back in Y’ville that makes me… settle? relax?
part of it I fear is how well I sleep. Cause really, I was up til midnight, and then a full 7 and a half hours later I’m feeling refreshed… oh. wait. Maybe it’s the fact I get 7 hours of good sleep? that could be it…

Trip to the airport – fast and furious.
Getting to the airport 40 minutes before they’re actually up and taking customers – uh, odd…
not having any sleep the day before – not so good.

Sleep deprivation is awesome – don’t let anyone fool ya – the total visual hallucinations every time you blink? It’s what fun is made of. The agony of a headache that’s there to remind you how old you are and that you shouldn’t do shit like that anymore – the other side of the tripping coin!

Peeps here are good – Shari was pleasantly surprised. Justin is now heading down the road of deception, armed with a paint ball gun. Gina has an avalanche with sawdust, and Kevin’s got a 5th dog – add them all up and it’s a real sized dog now!

Toasted french bread with peanut butter. Small twist with rainbow sprinkles. The water. The clean air and clear skies. The goodness of being with family. It’s all adding up to a very very nice visit. Throw in MickeyMatt swinging by, helping mom out, and hopefully not sweating my ass off, and I’ll call this one a success!

{Heard this morning as I sat in the kitchen… 93.5 the river – cat stevens – wild world // (jet train down to the station.. can’t you see? oh can’t you see – what that woman what she’s been doing to me…) ?? – Can’t you see? // Phil Collins – stay with me, stay with you // Talking Heads – ‘she was lying in the grass’ // the who – pin ball wizard}

“ma will be thrilled! don’t make her fall over…” Shari’s advice…

Let’s recap – sent shari off, called mom and she was surprised, strolled to her apt, we took in breakfast at the Diner, she started to take more pictures. Walked back to shari’s, chilled in front of a fan for a few, chatted with Justin til Mark showed up – yay Mark – he had given blood today! Chilled some more til about 4 when Kevin and Jake showed up and then the ‘boys’ were off to paintball nirvana. Paintball is fun! Back home to catch dinner with ma, shari, david and Justin – Jake gets the neighbor’s attention with a demonstration of how fast his paintball gun fires!!! Go Jake! post dinner discussion included mom’s admission that she plays scrabble on line, that Dave earned points by getting shari actual angelfood cake earlier for the first strawberries, that I was utterly disappointed in everyone for not letting me know Hemstrought’s Bakery – purveyor of the fabulous Half-Moon cookies, and my favorite-the plain donut – had closed. Slight headache rendered me unusable past 9 or so, and then a touch of the jet lag had me up til 3 in the morning. Weeeeee……

From the notebook:
Aroma therapy offered in a building that’s old enough to have its own scent; In the 80’s, I lusted after the 20 year old ’68 Chevelle – in the same lot today is an ’88 Escort GT – how do the kids deal with that shift? Mom’s unforgiving Love, as defined by her asking me ‘what – you didn’t call me yesterday?’ after I surprise her with a visit distance of 3,000 miles. Mom’s click happy. From the imitable Justin: Dude, do you have any blank discs? Don’t you download music? I ask. He replies – no, I get all my burned discs from Kevin. To which I analyze that somehow by being pirates we’re forcing rock stars to be responsible parents by keeping those stray dollars of their hands, and thus out of the strippers g-strings they’d otherwise end in!! Mom’s excitement in exclaiming “did you see the new graphics on the Weather Channel?” caused me some concern.

For the Justin’s club building efforts:
Instant team building. Crisis management. Motivational/persuasive speaking skills. “I’m in it for the bruises’ may become the club motto. Tourney vs. RecBall differences. Coaching skills.

Oh, HawkListers are awesome, I may now believe that the FSM created the universe, and Mom thought Jebus was Alyssa’s father’s name.

(written 10:20 am 18Aug05 to the sounds of a CNY Freight Train passing)