Gas… and puppies!

Gas… and puppies!

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As noted on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 10:43:47 am –
2.439 a gal I saw last night on the way back from the ovation awards…
I paid 2.67 just on the 6th… 2.50 something on Saturday while out with D-man was cool to see. I read an automotive editorial about gas being $1.50 again… I laughed, but you know, he may have had a point.

Hmmm…. record profits for the oil industry…

Now, Sunday, November 20, 2005 at roughly 9:06 am…
I just read a San Fran article on the life of a gas station owner – and the sad truth that the oil companies make sure that their company owned stores are doing better than the franchisee run stores, through ‘zone pricing’ of the wholesale gas. Nice.

Some one point out the good things we fight for in  America, please? Our government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ seems to have forgotten those people who don’t represent the massive monies in our economy.

Same old song, though, right? Really, scott – when HAS the government really been on the people’s side? Any concrete examples? I suspect I’d throw out the new deal, but that was probably just a good idea to keep people from revolting against the gov’t/rich people.

So, where does an idealist go in this modern world?

Can I speak of the loveliness of this morning? Woke up not too long ago, played mildly with Blue in living room as Boo continued her sleep. Stepped out with Canela for her morning duty, and it was just wonderful – sunny, but with a mild breeze and a crispness to the air – nothing chilly, mind you, just crisp – fall-like. We’ve been enjoying a return to summery day-time temps, but this morning was fantastic – reminding me why SoCal has so many people; it’s nice here.

So, almost halfway through the great MP3 Burning of 2005 – all in the name of making Boo and Mable happy. Was totally rocking until I noticed I changed the tagging for one disc (so I wouldn’t have ‘Various Artists’ at the front of every track) many many discs ago. So I’m using my lappytoppy and the desktoppy to rip the tunes she so righteously deserves!!! (Flesh, Fangs and Filigree anyone?)

Hopefully I’m on the far side of my annual Thera-Flu marathon – hate it when the side of my head hurts from ear to below my jaw – makes me think that bad things are doing bad things in there…

Things have been going pretty well lately – learning all sorts of good stuff in my classes – InDesign has me excited about the level of understanding I now have of the print world, and of the minor basics I’m learning about design. We did spend some time on color this week, and that’s always a downer for me. Good news is that I truly comprehend spot/process/and RGB coloring now. even if I can’t see the right colors…

XHTML is gong well – got through tables and forms, and will hopefully finally get my CSS on and that will change everything I ever did and will do on the web!!!! Nothing like catching up to the standard of 5 years ago! Ha

Best story of the past week would have to be this. Friday morning is a typical morning – too much sunlight too early, the dogs doing their morning thing (blue randomly barking, canela napping), when – as I survey the daybreak, I notice blue out back all antsy and shit – ‘but it’s too early for her to be chasing the possum’ I ponder. Nope, not the local possum, but…
our neighbor Yin’s puppy – Pepper!

Pepper Plays!!
What’s so great about this is that we’re fearful of Blue’s inability to deal with other dogs. Boo will tell you all about on-leash aggression, etc., etc. … but I think it’s just us. and when I stepped out back to see what blue was all excited about, and saw that it was Pepper, I was impressed. So it seems that Blue has a new friend. One that’s been chillin’ for a month now, or so says Yin. It does make D-man’s sighting of ‘something small and brown’ in the back bathroom less concerning for me – I presumed the possum was bold, and Blue was semi-useless in defending the homeland. But no – just Blue being chill with her new friend visiting. That I can deal with, hell – embrace!

So, one last pic –
Pepper makes three
Canela is barely visible, on my lap of all places, and you can see that Pepper is barely bigger than some of Blue’s toys. All in all, a fantastic development, one I’m happy to see happen.

And there ya go – maybe a week in the life, eh?
Oh – rode in the rain two weeks ago – not fun, but not as bad as one would think. Finally got some Rain-X (best. invention. ever!), and of course it’s just beautiful out there… go figure. Oh, paid $2.439 a gallon, and saw $2.369 a gallon. Early holiday gifts?