Scott’s continuing theater involvement!

Scott’s continuing theater involvement!

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D-man rings me about noon on Monday – ‘hey, what you up to?’ – innocent enough question.
having been dislodged from sleep by boo’s early departure, I had honestly just gotten to getting up – remember, day 6  or so of my thera-flu binge, which, though making the flu ickys go away, leaves me a tad toasted from the drugs. “not much, what’s up?” was my response.

Needed help moving some flats – sure, no biggie. gets me out of the house and the whole joy of manual labor is it’s manual. Cool.

A hit at the King for him and we’re at the remnants of the Fist; he’s leaping over the marquee that’s on the floor, and we’re discussing the clapper for the light switch. Some flats, a couple of jacks, and a door. Cool – onto the roof of the jeep, well secured and we’re off to ACME Theater.

We don’t even interrupt a show, and it’s wrapped up in the ‘few hours’ that D-man initially ponders about. A few words with the Dan-man (he plays the wife in the show) and we’re off to downtown, our most favorite place in the world! Needed some tools and materials that the LATC had, and again – no biggie. it’s 2’sh or so, but still early in the day, and I had a quiz to deal with that’s all when I got home.

It’s actually good to run to the LATC, we see Dave, and D-man chats with the Colin about things – big multi-state tour next year for Colin – yay!

we make it to the Groundlings – I help unload a bit and D-man sends me off with his truck – it’s 4’sh or so; he says “meet me here at 9:30”, so I go home, take my quiz, and relax a bit. I’m at the groundlings on time, we load up the jeep and roll over to ACME.  I note that D-man is loading a lot of raw material, not so much finished boxes. That’s ok cause he rocks at getting things put together. It’s all good.

So, around midnight, I’m on the sidewalk in front of the theater, cutting masonite. If I had had a couple of sawhorses and a few work lights – oh, and the snap line that X. had inside – it would have been fine. More of an adventure for me, and in the end, a finished fireplace emerged.

Now, it did drag on unreasonably into the wee hours of the morning. But, it was enjoyable for the most part – big kudos to the ACME peeps for being dam well put together – things were easy to move, and easy to find. More kudos to X., Stephen and glen, who also worked way past their bedtimes. I got to illusion a window, watch a door get massaged into a frame, and the final touches with the modern equivalent of a sharp rock by X. made Stephen’s door slamming shenanigans possible. Christmas with the Webers –  I recommend it, and I haven’t even seen it!

All hail the Pushticks, from Poland. You need them if there’s shit to push around.
Oh – papajohn’s pizza at 3 in the morning is heavenly.

And so, another episode of hanging with D-man wraps, and not one fatality.

Here’s some pics to make things better to understand:

I think this has a time stamp of 2 pm.

And this one was about 2 am.

and this one had a 5 am timestamp. Weeee…..

Dim, but a cool ramp set D-man built for The Odyssey at LATC. That was probably 1 or so in the afternoon.