Yesterday… part II

Yesterday… part II

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besides the truly troubling images, I also got to see most of SuperSize Me – that wily Morgan Spurlock – he’s all crazy and shit. 30 days of McD’s is bad for ya – how about 30 years? Turned his liver into patte – wow.

He mentioned the joyous feelings when he ate – and the doctors said “addiction”. Whoa… I know I use food as a distraction from my boredom. I should take the Blue for a long walk, but instead I watch some tv and eat something.

From supersize me, I then ended up watching The Boondocks episode titled “Return of the King” – I do believe I’ll have to burn that to VCD. Uh, the premise is that Dr. King wasn’t slain in April 1968, but ended up in a coma. 30 years later, he comes to. Then has to live in the world that he, partially, made possible. Whoa… truly thought provoking, and sadly, depressing.

Wait – that’s it – he was a leader of men. He had the power of righteousness on his side. I tried to ponder who he’d be to the typical caucasian/WASP community that I’m from – JFK was the only name that jumped up – ‘Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for you country’ is at least on par with ‘I have a dream’…

Today we’re missing that level of statesmanship – hell, Jimmy Carter on the Daily Show is what we need; I’d even take Clinton back, but I’m sure I’m lowering my standards just from comparison.

So, I’m aware now that I’m addicted to fast food, and that the American societal landscape still has barren and desolate pockets – truly not living up to the ‘Land of the free, home of the brave’ sentiment of our theme song.

To wrap up yesterday’s input, I caught the Daily Show with L. Paul “Jerry” Bremmer III interview. Pretty good – again, I’m appalled that the big plan we went to war with ended up with someone who had never been to Iraq getting 3 weeks to prepare to run the place for a year, but hey – nothing’s perfect, right? Right – hee hee hee – that’s funny.

And so, with daylight helping my mood, I sit hear listening to my music, wondering about my place in America, and in the world. George Bush is a dangerous man – he’s placed himself above the law, and though we’ll never know the names of the person/people at No Such Agency who blew the whistle on him, I do note that there’s not a peep of impeachment talk – and as noted in the last post – how many years in are we gonna put up with it? For what, I ask you? Stabilized region? Ha ha ha … good  – that’s rich.

What can one man do? One clueless man…

dream, I guess.