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gave me a good deal of thought provoking input. Made me a bit uncomfortable in my comfortableness. Made me stop and think.

From my various surfing spots in the morning I ended up over at Cryptome, a sight that has a mission statement that includes: “Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide…”

A cool site for people who used to get much better access to cool info. Rummy has a nice place in DC.

There is a link there –
BSV                  Baghdad Sniper Video (24MB)                      January 11, 2006
It’s a haunting montage of sniper shots (kills?) from Baghdad, as committed on US/Allied servicemen.

Uh. I’m not even sure how to put a warning here – DON’T GO THERE. How’s that? If you have a concept that the war ‘over there’ is a good thing, that we’re ready to see it through, don’t go there. If you like your Fox-fed, red white and blue patriotic belief that we’re in control over there, don’t go see the video. If you think it’s a fucked up quagmire with not enough politician’s children in the midst of the firefight, well then – go take a look see. it’s not nice, I’ll warn ya. It’s not from Bruckheimer and friends – not a Halo II game.

Don’t go there if you think we’ve learned anything in the last 30 years. Don’t go there if you don’t want your world-view rocked.

I went there. I’m left with visions of death. One moment, young uniformed people doing what they are doing, the next – crumpled at the back of their HUMVEE. Not flailing around, not blown out of their shoes, no head exploding, blood dripping carnage. They’ve gone to sleep. They fall over. They’re dead. No reset button, no “next life” option – gone.

There’s also a link to the actual pictures and names of the people who are dieing for us right now – today. Cryptome’s like that – get your info, make your own decisions. Just like when I saw Black Hawk Down, I’m left wondering why they go, why they put themselves in harms way for us – we’re entirely too ungrateful for that level of service.

Ha! I used to scream that at the top of my lungs, thinking that someone would a) answer me, and b) answer my question. Well, I guess I was gonna ponder why we haven’t seen anything remotely like that on TV; of course I only watch TV when I’m in Upstate, since they don’t have TiVo, nor do they have 256 channels to distract me. So, it’s a large part my fault – I distract myself as much as possible, cause thinking about the stupidity of MY country’s actions at the moment (or over the past 30 years) makes me mad. Makes me realize it’s a game that has been fixed for too many years by people who, it seems to me, have perfected the game. Answer me this – currently – this week – old people are not getting the medicines they NEED because the government re-distributed the Medicare/Medicaid dole, and now – January, people – one of the more pleasant months in our society – old people are going without their meds because they’re suddenly no longer covered. They asked old people to do math, to gamble on what may or may not be covered (say, pills that are, but breathing puffers that aren’t – that makes sense…) – and now that old people are running into the bullshit the politicos created, I hear the head politico speak of how ‘change is a chance to make things better, even though some things may pose a challenge. We’ll fix it state by state, pharmacy by pharmacy, prescription by prescription’ – but go ahead and look at the politico’s drug benny plan – they have no worries. Fuck them and the high horse they rode in on !

So, let’s see – young ones being killed in a foreign land – check. Old ones who aren’t being frozen to death by the loving and caring de-regulated energy companies are being forced to choose between life giving medicine and … er… life? Food and heat? So what’s going on in the middle? Oh that’s right – aren’t we the ones who get to pay the bills? Tax cuts for the top level folks – check. I keep noticing the degradation of ‘customer service’ – appliance manufacturers who now offer a one year warranty, down from 3/5 years just a few years ago. Is that so that they can make money on extended warranties? Or are they cheaping out on the production process in the first place? Arrrggghhh!!!!!

A big epiphany for me the other day is the cluelessness I’m steeped in. Clueless in my youth. Clueless in my adulthood. Is it a protective measure? I don’t know… other than it’s upsetting me. But as I reach out to lift the drapes from my consciousness, I’m shocked and angered and left feeling like there is no hope – nothing to do that makes a damn bit of difference. Does the fact that I think of two Americans who gave their lives for us – for me – does that make a damn bit of difference? I doubt it – for me, of course, but for anyone else? Ha! Please…

In a few weeks, they’ll hold the Oscars once again – back to the month of March, I see. Has it been 2003… 2004… 2005…2006 – wow – too many years. I was in a tent registering people when we went to war. The ride to the show we drove past protesters. Live has moved on. Where’s my moral indignation at a George Bush who took us to war by lying to us. Through deception – 2500 lives officially – hundreds of thousands if you include the people of the country we invaded. Nice work America. Hey – any politician’s children at war yet? No? Way to go America – way to fight ‘their’ war! Weeeee…. gotts to go fill my gas tank with that sweet sweet crude – how much is it a barrel this week?


(oh – that’s pithy Wallace – smart and to the point – people will be saying ‘hey – remember when wallace nailed it with the aaarrrrrggghhh!!! thing? Way to go!’)

whatever the fuck….