Past few days…

Past few days…

soft as a downy chick… our Canela after a bath. I’ve spent too much time lounging about today, but just spent the better part of three hours with Canela nestled in the nook of my arm in bed. she’s sooooo soft!!

Who I am? I grew up where going out at night wasn’t too awfully exciting, nor dangerous (at least in the township); my mom always said ‘nothing happens in the dark that doesn’t happen in the light’, implying that there’s no reason to be out at night. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t find the quiet and peace of a nice nighttime walk/bike/drive worth the lost sleep. I ponder this because, sadly, being back in Hollywierd, nighttime brings out strange animals, and stranger folks.

I’m in this perfect clothing place – my brown cargo pants are so right, along with a long sleeve (my HHN 15 shirt) with my abercrombie on inside out on top, with my winter boots slipped on – it’s perfect. don’t know how to describe it any better.

wow – wrote these maybe on Sunday… and now it’s 76 degrees in side, so any pants are too long. Dogs are still downy soft.

Caught the SNL from the 17th of December – jack black as host and Neil young as musical guest – quite fantastic, and as per SNL rules, some fairly lame shit in there too.

Parralax View, an early 70s Beatty movie – kinda Manchurian Candidate like – somewhat cool.

ok… not much, but again, a little each day, right?
Plenty of pics up over at  — such as our recent visit to The Getty with friends

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