57 degrees…

57 degrees…

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on my ride back from SMC… hit the counselors offices – and now I know that I need to figure out what I want to do, where I want to do it, and then complete my classes… that’s all.

I cheated a bit tonight, and I’m torn as to the effects to my hard core cautious rebel approach to motobikin’!
I listened to NPR in my left ear. Egad!
My right ear was the usual multi-colored foam ear plug!

But to be able to be distracted ever so gently while I ran the “3 blocks is too much” corridor of doom on Pico, well that was the nicest thing ever. I learned a bit about how the LA Mayor claims to be helping the homeless – by cutting the budget! Also heard about the Governator’s “Million Solar Roof” initiative, and the minor issues, like the $30,000 investment won’t even make back simple interest for years.

But did I pay as much attention to traffic as I should have? Was the calming effect more worthwhile then the typical frustrations I suffer while in LA traffic? Don’t know… but I may try it again and keep an internal eye out for any lowering of my SitAware status.

dona nobis pacem