Riddle me this…

Riddle me this…

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yeah – we know the absurdity of Braille on drive up teller machines;

I just noticed that there’s a vending machine where there are Braille dots on the number pad where you choose your selection – at least the atm’s that I’ve looked at have other information for people who read Braille – but a vending machine? Odd…

dona nobis pacem

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  1. elderz
    2007-04-10 03:41 pm (local)

    I believe most vending machines that are braille equipped also have an audio component. Or rather, have the capability to have one. This being said, it's a fairly heated debate over whether making it a requirement on vending machines is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    As for why they have braille on drive up teller machines, well…you can't expect the dog to drive *and* use the teller machine.

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