Hey – what happened here?

Hey – what happened here?

June 11th, 2007

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So, yes ma – been traveling a tad. Had to return Matt’s bike to him – his generosity is amazing – so if you need some 3-d CAD/CAM consulting, email Matt at … His Work Email.
Let’s head back to the 12th of last month – wow, nearly 4 weeks ago. Matt rolled in to catch the Midtown Dickens ‘Get down Showdown’ CD release party – he and buddy rolled in just as the heavens opened up, and 12 hours later,we were crashing on the snappy new couches Boo and I acquired.
He hung out for a while – helped out with fixing our washing machine, generally being the cool dude he is.
Then I got an email from my mom that my dad was heading in for bypass surgery, and … well the earth kinda shuddered for a moment or two. I bailed out of work, tried to find out more, and ended up in a convoy with Boo and I, Matt and Buddy, Melissa and Zach all heading up to Upstate – thankfully Mel and Zach had in-laws/grandparents to visit, Matt had his family, and Boo … well, she loves me, for reasons I have a hard time fathoming, but she rocks!

Dad made it through the surgery fine, and my ability to visit and help be a ‘show of force’ I can only hope helped out Shari a bit; we got to hear new stories from dad, so he obviously made it through ok.

Boo got to meet and visit and see more of my hometown – even enjoyed Voss’ – Zach enjoyed being with his grandparents, and at the end of the weekend, we packed ourselves into the Science Project and headed south to “ol’ Durham town” … we rocked out to the Dickens and to the Future Kings – and it was good. Odd – really, to arrive, prepared for nothing, hoping to be prepared for everything, and find … nothing too much – I was left a bit bemused by it all.

After arriving back in the Bull City, I was beset by a toothache that ended up being my memorial day pain in the jaw … and a root canal the next Tuesday. Compounding the pain/discomfort, my gig at IBM ended up at the top of the layoff list, so … all in all, a challenge, but Boo took (takes!) good care of me, and the dentist was really good!

This past Wednesday, after a somewhat stressed out afternoon, Boo and I made our way to Mel and Michelle’s house cause, well … they rock and combined a ‘cd arrival’ party with our 1st anniv party – so, the band at our little gathering ROCKED!!!!! Nice people showed up and well wishes came from one and all. Then we had a rainbow cake. Good times.

The following day – last Thursday – I headed out to return matt’s PC800 to him – he has a need … a need for speed!! So I hung out with him for Friday, got totally lost getting to his place on Thursday, took in all the goodness that is Maryville, TN – odd how a place you used to drive through on the way to other places, when you give it a few moments, especially when shown about by a knowledgeable local, well – you can find it’s a heck of a town, and be very impressed by it. All night walking path in the green space!

After a tasty breakfast, I made excellent time and mileage in a rental Camry, and was once again getting back to “ol’ Durham town” … a bite to eat and a nap prepared Boo and I for a ‘grilling event’ over at Mel and Michelle’s – mostly the usual suspects, but welcome Brian – and a wonderful game of Apples to Apples ensued with much happiness. Fluxx is, we found out, a wonderful coffee game, not so good a beer game!

I helped out our new friends and chilled at the Bull City Headquarters this morning – the girls in the Midtown Dickens played a short show for Zach’s class, since he would be enjoying a celebration of the end of school and his moving up to 1st grade at the end of the week, but he’s out of town to enjoy summer early with his moms; they’ve got a wedding to attend, he gets to go to Upstate and the grandparents. His class enjoyed having live music, and good live music at that, or so I heard. There were also Popsicles.

Which about brings me to this point in time – a Monday afternoon. Anxiousness is upon the horizon, and I am looking for the winds of opportunity to blow it away. I’m feeling centered, if not focused. the must do things that were peripheral are done – now it’s focus and execute time. And that’s a good thing. As good as getting the lawn mowed! Go TROSA!!!

Ok. An update. Hope it helps people … perhaps with their insomnia.
Oh – Kimmy H. got a cell phone. Paris Hilton went to jail crying and screaming for her mommy. Perhaps the grand convergence is upon us!!! Run!!!



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