It’s Froggy Day!!!

It’s Froggy Day!!!

February 29th, 2008

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Everybody LEAP!!!!

Once every four years, we add a day. The news machine has said that there may be sales going on, so get out and SAVE!!!!!

Have I mentioned that Ted Rall is a freakin’ genius? Well, he is. His latest column has me thinking… I might need to vote Nader, and I have reservations about his earlier career choice of attacking GM’s Corvair. Rall’s writing is almost always cause for me to say “damn” as he points out clearly how messed up things are, be it with our current regime, our international policies, our contrived smugness in the face of daunting reality that we probably should have a national flag that says “Welcome to the Suck” … but – he’s a clearly defined, very bright light – I can only hope he continues to cast illumination for my brain to see the sharp edges of the shoals below. Anyways, Go Nader – tell it like it needs to be told – “Aside from most voters, only Ralph Nader wants impeachment proceedings against the “criminal recidivist regime of George Bush and Dick Cheney.””

And a shout out to the Utica OD, the little paper that … could! I noticed a subtle web site redesign this past week or so; surprising in that the Utica OD was released from the Ganett empire in the last 6 months or so – way to go OD. Better yet, they’re running it with Creative Common’s ‘Some Rights Reserved’ thinking – Yay!!!! Hell, they even have a saassy “Inconvenient? Perhaps. Necessary to ensure we live in a truly free society? Most definitely.” editorial regarding this past January’s turmoil over at Herkimer County Community College. Kudos, OD.

And have I mentioned how cute Blue is?? Just walked to the kitchen and she had a double nose tuck going on, and threw in a tail wag – AMAZING!!!!

Go leap something. Have fun – it’ll be 4 more years – we’ll be heading into re-election campaign BS, it’ll be the second decade of the two-thousands – hell, the southeast might even have a decent water conservation plan!


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