A birthday for our country …

A birthday for our country …

Great time with friends and loved ones tonight. followed by the celebrations outside as the full moon crept over the trees outside the den. for some odd reason I pondered the whole ‘4th’ celebration (I’m pretty sure it’s David Blackstone’s fault!) – and I remembered this pic.

Been taking pics for a while now – a year or seven I think. get some great shots ’cause I know what I was doing. This one isn’t one of those – it’s from a time when I shot film, developed months later to reveal gems inside the envelope.

Freedom is not free.
I ponder the wisdom of the current age – I shake my head in disgust at what some of our ‘leaders’ are doing to this country. I hope they know the price that’s been paid by others for them to be able to sully our best intentions for their personal gain.
Saw some good notes today over at facebook. Comments on the tragic lives of most of the original signatories to our constitution – men who stood for principles and suffered righteously for it.
If only our leaders had such fortitude.