May I suggest … Scrivener?

May I suggest … Scrivener?

03TuesdayJUL 2012

So my lovely Boo is a writer. Hell, she even makes some coin doing it, so Yay!for her. I on the other hand am a wannabe – I probably could make some coin if I were just to believe in ME enough!!
What I have done is tried to find a tool that will help me get to where I want to be – not get in my way. Scrivener came to my attention during NanoWrimo 2011 – they had a special template for download and an offer of Free for those who completed the challenge (50K words in one month, November) – and I think 50% off for those who gave it the old college try (what does that mean anyway?)
So over the last 6’sh months I’ve used it frequently, and am currently utilizing it to craft my first short story.

insert image of this:

Scrivener works great – now if only my brain could catch up!
Reasons Scrivener works well for me –

  • It has a one place for everything mentality, similar to OneNote which I happen to also love.
  • It has the tools to make me look better than I am – I put the ‘chapters’ in different text documents, Scrivener does the ‘combine into a book’ magic for me, adding chapter formatting and indexing
  • It has a full screen writing mode that allows me to push the distractions of a connected life into the back ground.
  • It does the things I can think of that I need to do, while still having the chops to accomplish the things Boo knows I’ll need to do. Be it the chapters into manuscript trick, allowing me to categorize my scribblings as locales, people, plots, research – all fairly easy to identify and utilize.

I’ll let you know if at the end of my story I find Scrivener to continue to weave it’s magic upon me – I suspect I’ll end up loving it even more.
Sources: NanoWrimo & Scrivener