…”and many more!”

…”and many more!”

Hello Monday! Hello Birthday! Hello you!
Started my 45th with a decent wake up time, love for my love, and love for my pup. also – coffee.
and leftover red-velvet birthday cake – yay Raymond!
Then the ‘tubes got me all kerfuffle cause Blood (happy our day!!) linked to total awesomeness a few days back and like I am now a days it took me a few days to finally get around to clicking through to it. Too awesome – don’t wait – go see now! As Blood posted – 

“check out this awesome new song from Seattle’s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – it debuted this morning on KEXP (read more here) and you can listen to it here

Gives me a solid dose of hope for the future, which is always a great feeling.

Ok – here’s a pic of Blue –

as snapped by Boo with my nifty birthday/holiday/anniversary/veterans day/arbor day/x100 present –

nice, ain’t it??
Of course now I wonder how pics like this:

will turn out! oh the excitement!!

Hope your Monday is starting as wonderfully, feel free to grab some cake and an adult beverage to toast my successful completion of another 52 weeks. And to many many more!


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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  1. Happy late birthday! Happy new camera! Congratulations on being a wonderful human being with an eye for beauty and a heart much more precious than gold!


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