Wednesday already??? Wow…

Wednesday already??? Wow…

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So, the weekend was good … hangin’ with peeps…
tuesday we voted – go Braggtown VFW!!!! Then we grilled with MnMnZ – quite tasty, as always!!!
Monday night was super club!!!! lots of love and work got Hobbit House looking ok, and tasty eats came from Boo with love and a bit of help from our friends (thanks!). Z was a day visitor – donuts and cable tv – a 7 year old’s happiest day! (though didn’t he leave with a bag of candy from Carrie & Nate’s? After Rocket got to romp with Meg in the big, green back yard? That was the happiest day ever, that week for him!)
Carrie and Nate, Beth and Morgan, Viv and Brendan, MnMnZ – all made having dinner fabulous – and I got to say ‘happy 1 year’ for boo’s habitation, and a ‘happy welcome’ for Carrie and Nate – it’s nice. really really nice to have a good life.
We also watched a bit of the Johnny Cash DVD, and the Live Aid DVD. Awesome… kinda… really.

Ok. gonna run with M to work… we voted. much energy there. Purdue’s red on red on red I called a fashion mistake, though Hillary’s blue on blue on blue wasn’t much better. “Bill’s tie is only kinda blue, to represent that hillary is only kinda a democrat” – nicest snarkiest comment of the night.

pics sometime soon…


dona nobis pacem
“Keep Calm and Carry On”