Friday night … thoughts from the trailing edge of a cold

Friday night … thoughts from the trailing edge of a cold

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Lis and I spoke at length today at the office. Politics, hope, middle-east peace challenges, and man-dates!

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Signed up yesterday for a trip to paris – didn’t get it, and this morning realized that WUNCis the KCRW of my Durham existence, and though not a bad thing at all, as I rolled in from my Quizno’s (TOASTY!!!) dash, I finally found the Revolution, 88.1 WXDU – they played ‘And She Danced’ by the Hooters, the guest they were allowing to pick songs saying probably the first and only time that would ever happen on the “Revolution” – great song, really. Fit my mood nicely…
NPR stations that are located at campus aren’t really college stations. There is a difference, and so it will always be. Still, would have like to have called Boo to say “Hon, get your passport together – we’re going to Patriot Land!!!”

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Will Carrie work on an animation project on behalf of the girl who loves you? We can only hope Mel convinces her…

On WUNC this morning (I smack the little clock radio in the kitchen in the morning – set it up for a 15 minute set so I can wash out the coffee maker, coffee cups and spoons, and a knife to do my bagel with – probably should do that the night before, eh?) was a spot promoting the NPR effort called StoryCorps – this one is titled Leaving the Farm, Then Breaking New Ground. Worth a listen, I’d say. The comments made me come to the thought “Live courageously” – combined with the chat with Lis, I’m coming to the thought that with hope, courage blossoms.

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So, I have renewed hope. I listed to Obama’s March speech – A More Perfect Union. Wow. Read it. Listen to it. Be moved by it. Lis spoke of her challenges as an activist – of a comment that changing history is not a spectator sport. Can we only hope people choose to kill their cable to be able to pay for gas, head out to speak with their neighbors, and learn to think and discuss the challenging issues we are faced, let alone the politics of those issues? Could happen, rabbit.

Why is it so damn difficult to pick up the house and keep it that way? Can I blame Blue?? She does love to steal tissues!

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We had a houseful of goodness yesterday. Got home a bit early, and Beth visited. Then Brendan showed up to take Blue for a oh so loved long walk. Then Carrie & Nate rolled in from the East, Morgan came back with Beth and they all headed out for pizza and karaoke! I was icky, and had some work to create, so I passed, but for a little bit there I was totally happy to be living such a blessed life. Oh – and the grass was cut (YayTROSA!!!!) – life is good. Oh, and MickeyMatt rang me while peeps were gathering here – so it was total friend/people overload and I love it. That is all.

Courage. Does stumbling out of a daze that’s lasted toooooo long, to join the masses who are ready for change (finally), count as courage? I called my elected rep earlier this year. I have hopes of learning the ropes of local politics so that I can be more involved with my town. But why did I not care when I was a landowner 10+ years ago in Maryland? I believe it was youth and ignorance. I spoke with Justin the other day and tried to put the bug into his mind to create a business soon, so that taxes can be … manipulated?… lowered with allowed deductions. I spent 20 years paying my 1040ez – got married and a tax guy and ended up owing 17 dollars to Cali one year – wow!!!! So, the lesson – you’re already in the game, learn to play it or end up a pawn in the chess game of life!!!??? Hello, I’m a rook! (who doesn’t love horses?)

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Boo’s over at the girls, and I’m playing my music too loud in the office and it feels good. Thus my running play list as I type. Just so you know.

Spring is here, warm weather happening as I speak. I’m liking the job I’m at, and have hopes to make it permanent, though being out and working again is very much more positive than the hassle is negative, and the place I’m at (UNC Med School) certainly is less negative than say big corp land IBM, where I was last. So – yay. It’s good to be out and about. Now if only Ramona could get fixed!

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So, there ya go – go and learn and vote and talk and hope. Act. Believe that change will be good, and the new dawn will hold our good fortune. That, and have a beer or two, or at least a lemonade, with your friends.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On”

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I owed taxes for the first time in probably 10 years this year. $100. But of course I’m getting $600 back from President Trying-to-buy-goodwill, so…
p.s., I got one of those Keep Calm and Carry on Tshirts. 🙂 Buying shirts from the UK is expensive. Worth it though.