and a happy Thursday nit to YOU!

and a happy Thursday nit to YOU!

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James Brown. Wow.

So I keep trying to tell stories, say to Shari, and I’m all like “didn’t I post that on my LJ?” … and I haven’t. Like how all’s well that ends well, and the pup-who-was-almost-ours turns out to be extra good. From an hour or two on the edge of puppyship, to the good news that said pup has a new home, followed a week later by a puppy-walk-by at the Eno Festival. Said puppy had been spotted and looked a little like the one pup, but as we enjoyed the shade at the Eno Park, a couple of pups happened by and I wasn’t sure. Suspect, yes but not sure.

Of course there’s more below the cut!

Then the possible pup comes up the hill to our shady spot and I call out to its human “can we pet it?” and she replies “he’s been in the river…” but he’s already on his way to investigate and tumble and be puppy-happy.
“he looks a lot like a puppy I was gonna adopt last weekend” I say … “at the farmer’s market?” she asks. “No – but from a woman named Noelle?” I counter … “Yes – she was at the farmer’s market in Durham …” … and there you go. My soul tingles as I type this. And what a fabulous pup – wasn’t afeared of the river – jumped right in. Such a good pup – yay!!! Because it turns out the new humans are … wait for it … local musicians! That Mel knew … small wonderful world!

Oh – Eno fest – got to see the Future Kings of Nowhere rock hard – twice!!! Yay – those guys are awesome! Missed the Dickens, but they played on Sunday. We only did Saturday. All day saturday…

As we went off to treat ourselves to an air conditioned meal after the day at the park/fest, Marty (Michelle’s pop), Zach and I were in Ramona … “can we drive thru the field?” was Zach’s not so innocent request. Off we went, but it was a flat field, no too challenging, since a bunch of cars had parked there (there were shuttle buses to the festival!)

Closer to the Red Robin we dined at, I hit a dirt field/mound to give us a tad more authentic “off roading” feel; what is it when I’m with the boys I feel the need to do … less smart things? Oh well, much fun, and we didn’t tell the cops a thing after the meal!

Pups, Eno, Ramona – how about our elliptical? Needs to be used more, but it’s cool! Did 15 minutes tonight while chatting with Shari – hope I wasn’t too annoying with my heavy breathing – but it went by quickly and I feel good for having done it!

Sat in on the band committee selection session for Troika Music Festival last night – with boo, and Viv, and Beth, Kyle Zeno and mel. 80 odd bands. We played tracks to hear their style, and wow – I’d highly recommend the experience. Bands sound the same until the vocals, which are totally different. Or the French submission who had an American rapper doing vocals. Or the re-stumbling over great music you keep forgetting to order the complete catalog (Angelou!) – ‘music you’ll never hear’ was a note I wrote. Perhaps find a festival of your liking, and just grab a comfy desk chair and spend a night MySpacing thru a juke box of unknowns. I ended up with a healthy love for John Darnielle/Mountain Goats.

Work’s going well, learning lots about autism. Talking with lots of people, which is good for scott, I think. Hope it’s as good for them! I really dig spending time with Mel – we’re commuting and lunching. Office mate Catie is a kick – she and Mel and Betty (also on our floor) might get a group together to rock out a little. I hope it works out.

Notes to friends based on JohnParker’s ghost of friendship – reach out to those you care about, no matter how long or why things stopped.

Spent a little too long looking at new picks of my old airbase in Germany. Someone used the phrase ‘cautious versus curious’ to describe a life path; really rung a bell with me, sadly. This dude walked about the housing area of Hahn Airbase, and I had these revelations of how I never wandered that base – never walked either side of the fence line. Followed the rules to the best of my ability. Didn’t cause too much trouble (sorry ma!) – but didn’t have extra-ordinary adventures either. I thought “3 years spent or 3 years lost?” – neither, since life just isn’t that black & white. Followed up with a search for Metro Tango pics, and voila – a guy who’s father was stationed there visited and took pics of our work area. Neat. Reminiscence isn’t a horrible way to kill some time, is it?

Have I talked about the weather lately? Thunderstorms, lightening, and rain – wow. I can’t really recall the luxurious 9 month sunny period of SoCal, but wow – this past week has be impressive!

Finally had our 4th fireworks at the Bull stadium Monday night – rained out all weekend! Lots of fun – took a few pics, will try to post them soon!

ok. Let’s get this up … I’ll add links to pics soon maybe…

Oh – and Declan’s doing well – chatted with him tonight – Yay Dec!!!


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